What is a 5D Christmas Experience?
on September 30, 2014

The world’s first 5D Animated Christmas Grotto Experience has been developed by Mirror Brand Experiences and enjoyed by shoppers at the Westfield shopping malls in London, where Elbow, a very special elf, saves Christmas!

So what is 5D? Well, the ‘Elbow Saves Christmas’ 7 minute animation is created in Stereoscopic Passive 3D – the way you watch many Pixar movies in the cinema with glasses.

The 4D element is physical – wind and elf dust. As the motorcycle chase takes place during the film, you feel wind blowing from the screen and elf dust flies through the air, giving a real sense of immersion in the experience within the grotto.

The 5D element is personalisation – As the children enter Santa’s grotto they are met by a real live elf, who takes their photograph and their name. They are then seated in a beautifully created 50 seater auditorium. Our technology processes the children’s photographs and names randomly within the film in real time so their pictures are displayed throughout the story as an integral part of the narrative which features Elbow, the good elf, saving Santa’s presents from Fumble, the bad elf.

Elbow Saves Christmas Children's Faces on Presents.

The result is a fantastic Christmas experience for all the family and there’s more. Two days after a visit to the grotto, children receive a personalised 2D video via email, starring themselves and the characters of the 5D Experience. This video permits the sharing of Westfield branded content via email, Facebook and Twitter, allowing families who visited the experience to create their own personalised video for their friends.

The campaign drove additional footfall into both Westfield London Shopping Malls, and increased the Westfield CRM Database by 20,000 in 6 weeks.

To find out more about how we can integrate digital and the power of social media into your Christmas Experience this year, driving footfall and capturing a valuable CRM database, simply contact us and we’ll set up a call.