Westfield UK – A Case Study in Driving Holiday Footfall and Online Social Engagement
on June 17, 2014

Elbow Saves Christmas 5D Grotto Experience
For most shopping malls, increasing footfall during the holiday season around Christmas is a huge priority. With the massive growth in online retail competing with malls for a share of consumer spending, providing compelling reasons for customers to spend more time at the mall during the Holiday season has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy.

“Leisure is a key driver of footfall and we have worked hard to create the ultimate Christmas shopping experience with ice rinks, Santa’s Grottos and world class events…” – Bill Giouroukos, Director of Operations, Westfield UK

With this in mind we partnered with Westfield Shopping Malls UK who set a goal of increasing holiday shopper footfall. Our challenge was to create an immersive Christmas experience that drove footfall and integrated this offline experience with online data capture and social sharing to build customer loyalty and retention.

Using our patented Mirror 3D Personalisation Software® we created a world’s first 5D experience for Westfield, featuring the 7 minute stereoscopic 3D animation “Elbow saves Christmas” which allowed us to feature the children in the audience in the actual movie.

Two days after a visit to the grotto, children also received a personalised 2D video via email starring themselves and the characters of the 5D animated experience. This content could be shared virally via email, Facebook and Twittter by creating their own personalised video for their friends.

Westfield Lonodon Elbow Saves Christmas Email Campaign

Recognizing the importance of today’s mobile consumer we also created a smartphone/tablet “Angry Birds” type game to continue engagement with the Christmas experience after the event.

Elbow Saves Christmas Mobile Game App


• 2011 – a 20% YOY increase in footfall at Westfield London (2 locations) surpassing the initial Westfield goal and the acquisition of thousands of email addresses.

• 2012 – Addition of a third Westfield shopping mall, Merry Hill. Addition of a smartphone/tablet “Angry Birds” type game.

• Huge amounts of press and PR generated for the event and for Westfield London.

• Tens of thousands of delighted customers.

By successfully integrating the positive emotional offline experience of the event with online data capture, Westfield in partnership with Mirror Brand Experiences was able to provide a wholly unique and immersive Christmas experience to its customers while leveraging the power of social to generate positive brand sentiment and most importantly, thousands of very happy children.

“The Santa’s grotto is where [digital] delivers an enhanced and unique experience for each child. By involving them in the 5D experience, created by 3D film and interactive elements throughout the grotto, it is building something personal for each child that remains a memorable event.” – Myf Ryan, General Manager, Marketing, Westfield UK.

If you’d like to hear more about how we can help your brand successfully integrate the power of digital into your Holiday experience, drive footfall and build customer loyalty, drop us an email and we’ll arrange a call at your convenience.