The World’s first 5D Animated Christmas Grotto Experience


Top Grotto Experiences in the U.K.

The world’s only personalised 5D films have been exciting and amazing children at grottos in selected locations since 2011. ‘Elbow Saves Christmas’ first premiered using our patented technology with Westfield Malls across the UK, delivering an emotional engagement like no other and leading Stratford City to be named in the top 2 grottos in the U.K. for three years in a row.


Online and Offline Engagement

But what’s unique about this experience is how it continues to engage days and weeks after children meet Santa, through a personalized video message and smart phone game. Two days after a visit to the grotto, children receive a personalized 2D video via email. Again, starring the children and the characters of the 5D Experience, this video permits consumers to disseminate the content virally via email, facebook and twittter by creating their own personalized video for their friends. The resultant campaign drive additional footfall to the grottos and increase CRM Databases.

Choose Your Christmas Experiences

Our brand new 5D experience, ‘Elves in Space’ is now available to license along with ‘Elbow Saves Christmas’. Or, if you would like to talk to us about creating a bespoke Christmas Experience or new brand character and movie for your mall, simply contact us at

Ticketmaster Reviews

“The film is amazing and looks fantastic with the 3D glasses. Seeing your child’s picture pop up throughout the film is a real treat as well!” – 4/5 stars. Posted by Swisher.
“Brilliant” – 5 Stars
“The whole experience was brillant. Great value for money. I would recommend it to anyone with kids.” 5 Stars
Favourite moment: ” The film.” Westfield, Stratford City, Santa’s Grotto – 4/5 Stars. Posted by Anonymous
Favourite moment: “Seeing your face on the big screen in the film and talking to Santa.” Westfield Stratford, Santa’s Grotto. – 5 Stars. Posted 05/12/2011 by Qylise
“Fantastic – A must-see event for the children…Adults too :P” Posted by Anonymous