on August 26, 2014

Last week we had a look at one of the new toys that we’re going to be making use of for one of our clients – the MultiTaction screen. However, there’s a lot more to this project than a few touch screen tables. We don’t want our users to have to touch the screens they’re interacting with. We want people to be able to interact with much larger screens without being in close proximity to them, after all, there’s a reason that your couch isn’t within arm’s reach of your TV.

radarTOUCH Lasers

On the other hand, we want to keep people involved and engaged with the cutting-edge technology on an experiential level – already firmly established with the MultiTaction tables – so we’ve also designed bespoke software that can be used in a completely intuitive way.
We’ve decided to use radarTOUCH technology as the system allows people to interact with a display in much the same way as they would with a familiar touch screen, allowing them to properly immerse themselves in the experience and enjoy the display on a truly large screen.

The radarTOUCH system is essentially a small box which produces harmless infrared lasers. When an object passes through the laser’s infrared light, it’s reflected back to the box which can read how far away the object is, how big it is and what way it is moving. The box then sends this information to the computer, allowing for true gesture control.

Once we’ve got radarTOUCH installed in our client’s HQ it should allow for an interaction that will be simple and natural. The technology enabling the interaction should be effortless to engage with, allowing users to focus entirely on the content.

We’re using a mix of different cutting-edge technologies for this experience and as ever it’s all about using the right technology to subtly enhance the experience so the installation can wow people without being distracting. We’ll be making regular posts here on the incredible technology we’re using for our clients so keep an eye out next week for all the latest exciting news.