MultiTaction Display
on August 15, 2014

Here in Mirror Brand Experiences we’re always trying out the latest technology. A piece of technology that’s caught our eye lately and which we’re really excited to be putting to use for one of our clients is MultiTaction displays.

This is a 42 inch touch screen computer, but not only is it bigger than any touch screen you’re likely to have seen before it is capable of doing things that few other touch screen computers can do. At the installation that we are creating for our clients, MultiTaction displays will be transformed into touch screen tables. People will be able to take certain objects, place them on the table and have menus appear offering information about the objects in question. The tables will actually be able to recognise what object has been placed on it.

Now admittedly they won’t be able to recognise any and every object, only those which have a special, invisible, infra-red mark which the computer has been programmed to recognise.

We believe that this will allow for a computer interface that is completely intuitive, to learn about an object you simply put it on a table and then use your hands on the table’s touch screen to navigate and find whatever information you need.

We are implementing this kind of intuitive touch and gesture interface throughout this installation, our aim is to allow users to use complex and unique computer systems without having to have any prior knowledge of them, they will be so intuitive that people will be able to use them just by doing what seems natural. Keep an eye out for more posts here on more of the technology that we are utilizing to make a truly amazing experience for visitors to our client’s HQ.